„Finally somebody gives another point of view to a topic that had been so much in the news like immigration to Europe. The curiosity of Melanie and her very personal storytelling made it a very remarkable film.“
Raul Nino Zambrano, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2017


Frustrated by a corrupt system, Yves leaves his home in Cameroon to try his fortune in Europe. But to get there is more difficult than expected. Yves has been on the road for eight years – and is close to failing. Back home are the people who mean the most to him: his sister Annie, who has been holding the family together since Yves left, his little brother, waiting for Yves to take him to Europe, and his father, who expects him to lead the family to a better life. A film about family, the dream of Europe and the impossibility of giving up.


A documentary by Melanie Gärtner


© 2017 m-eilenweit & stoked film, 79 min

distributed by JIP film & verleih


17. Oktober 2019 19:00h in Blaustein, Rathaus Blaustein mit Melanie Gärtner, Impulsgruppe Blaustein

18. Oktober 2019 19:00h in Bellenberg, Haus Regina Pacis, Filmgespräch mit Melanie Gärtner, Integrationskreis Bellenberg

20. Oktober 2019 16:30h in Heppenheim, Kino Saalbau

22. Oktober 2019 19:30h in Backnang, Kino Universum mit Melanie Gärtner, Veranstalter: Forum Eine Welt e.V. Backnang

23. Oktober 2019 19:00h in Dornstadt, FGZ Familien- und Generationenzentrum mit Melanie Gärtner, Dornstadter Zukunftsgestalter

31. Oktober – 6. November 2019 in Korbach, Kinocenter

5. November 2019 19:30h in Weinstadt, Stadtteil Beutelsbach mit Melanie Gärtner, Kommunales Kino in Weinstadt

7. bis 13. November 2019 in Lauterbach, Lichtspielhaus

7. bis 13. November 2019 in Neu Anspach, Saalburg-Lichtspiele

14. November 2019 16:00h in Hamburg, Studio Kino, im Rahmen des Filmfestivals AUGEN BLICKE AFRIKA e.V.

14. bis 20. November 2019 in Büdingen, Kino Büdingen

14. bis 20. November 2019 in Kelkheim, Kino Kelkheim

21. bis 27. November 2019 in Witzenhausen, Capitol Kino

21.bis 27. November 2019 in Karben, Cinepark

22. November 2019 19:00h in Heidenheim, Stadtbibliothek Heidenheim mit Melanie Gärtner, Forum Bildung und Entwicklung

25. November 2019 19:00h in Frankfurt, mit Melanie Gärtner, Evangelische Studierendengemeine ESG, Siolostr. 7,

28. November bis 4.Dezember 2019  in Dillenburg, Gloria Kinos

28. November bis 4.Dezember 2019 in Wolfhagen, Cinema

29. November 2019  20:15h in Kaufbeuren, Corona Kinoplex mit Melanie Gärtner, Arbeitskreis Asyl Kaufbeuren

5. bis 11. Dezember 2019 in Weilburg, Delphi Filmtheater

5. bis 11. Dezember 2019 in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Koki Kommunales Kino

19. bis 26. Dezember 2019 in Hahnstätten, Kreml Zollhaus

19. bis 26. Dezember 2019 in Heppenheim, Saalbaukino
More screenings are coming soon!


Melanie Gärtner studied anthropology, literature an journalism in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. Since 2010 she acts under the label of m-eilenweit as freelance filmmaker and author. One of her main topics is migration, especially from Africa.

Her first work, the documentary “The Land in Between”, has been honoured several times. In addition tot he film she released the book “Grenzen am Horizont”, reports about the protagonists’ backstories of her film. “Yves’ Promise” is her first full-length documentary.


written and directed
Melanie Gärtner

director of cinematography
Pola Sell, Melanie Gärtner

Roger Mboupda, Romeo Zaf

Christine Niehoff, Mirja Gerle

Ludwig Kuckartz

Siriki Coulibaly

Serge Alain Nanfang Ouanko

Sebastian Popp, Robert Malzahn

service production Cameroon
Eloi Bela Ndzana

production assistent
Romeo Zaf

color grading
Tilman Friz

re-recording mixer
Bernhard Leimbrock

sound editor
Max Wanko, Bernhard Leimbrock

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